Tillicoultry Quarries recycles materials to minimise the impact on the environment.

From initial application for a site, to end of use of a quarry, Tillicoultry Quarries takes its responsibility to the environment and local communities seriously. 

Our aim at all times is to ensure our operations have a minimal negative environmental impact during works and have an ongoing policy of reinstating spent areas back to agricultural land. As part of our contribution: We operate recycling plants at Tulliallan Kincardine and Clydebridge Rutherglen, where bituminous material arising are crushed and screened to produce Recycled Asphalt Planings (RAP).  We are one of the market leaders in the recycling of bituminous materials, both hot macadams and in versatile, environmentally friendly cold lay products.

We operate aggregate recycling plants at Tulliallan Kincardine and Tams Loup Harthill. Materials arising received from local authorities and other contractors are recycled through our modern washing and screening plants to produce a range of recycled single sized aggregates and washed fines, all of which can be utilised in drainage and fill materials or in the production of ready mixed concrete.