From small foundations to growing through investment

Tillicoultry Quarries was established in 1931 by RW Menzies at Craigfoot Quarry in Tillicoultry to supply the local market with construction materials. Little could he have imagined that over 85 years later it would be one of the largest suppliers of asphalt in Central Scotland? 

Now, still family owned and run, the company continues to grow, building on its successes, and transforming the supply and delivery of stone and other construction materials through its investments in modern plant and machinery. From its small beginnings at Craigfoot Quarry, the company now has a total of 11 quarries and plants, with an asphalt production capacity of over 2,000 tonnes per hour, surpassing the output of multinational competitors based in Central Scotland. Producing a wide range of quality assured materials, including aggregates, asphalts, ready-mixed concretes, sand and gravel, Tillicoultry Quarries has proven itself a supplier of high quality materials during its years in business. Integrated within its quarrying operations are six coating plants and three concrete plants, capable of producing materials to the highest specification required for large volume motorway construction projects through to small volume private works. Investment does not stop at plant and machinery.  Tillicoultry Quarries believes successful businesses need professional and highly qualified people. The company invests in its 160-strong work force, with 90% of them trained above NVQ level 2. This investment has seen a small turnaround in staff with the average length of service being over a decade.

“Like other businesses, we make big stones into little stones, our record of product quality and customer service speaks for itself. We have invested in growing sustainably, refining our products and delivery chain to ensure we can be there for you when you need us. We’re independent and can provide you with a reliable and efficient service. We actively care about our environments and communities. We started in Tillicoultry to service the local market.  Today we’re so much more than a local company, we are one of the largest suppliers of asphalt in Central Scotland and we’re at the forefront when it comes to quality and service.”  WALLACE MENZIES, DIRECTOR